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Raphaël Pinson of Camptocamp SA talks at PuppetCamp Geneva on " Configuration Surgery with Augeas. 0* I can' t get augeas to address / etc/ rc. Lens or The latter form means that the lens from the transform marked for autoloading in MODULE should be used.

For the time being let' s forget about Puppet, and just look at Augeas on it' s own. Augeas is actually a standalone tool, and you can use it completely seperately from Puppet. I tried the above command without luck for a while before I realized that my php.

Augeas is awesome. Assuming you want to work with Augeas, this is a description of how to perform Augeas changes using Puppet. Package augeas- lenses Version 1.
Ring- Pull and Pull Tab Can Opener. AUGEAS MANUAL CAN OPENER~ BOTTLE CAP & TAB OPENER~ NEW IN BOX! NOTE: This page was generated from the Puppet source code on: 53: augeas Attributes Providers Provider Features Description Apply a change or an array of changes to the filesystem using the augeas tool.

Information about the apt package " augeas- lenses". Augeas ( ôjē´ əs), in Greek mythology, son of Helios and king of Elis. Augeas is a free software configuration- management library, written in the C programming language. We have a number of hosts with entries in the / etc/ hosts file like this: 127. We would like to remove these lines. I' m not finding it simple though!
Augeas is a tool for accessing and modifying data stored in configuration files of various formats. Use Augeas to modify file. Howdy: Since I upgraded some of my FreeBSD boxen to augeas- 0. Removing an entry from the / etc/ hosts file. To that end, Augeas exposes a tree of all configuration settings ( well, all the ones it knows about) and a simple local API for manipulating the tree. The ' incl' and ' excl' grandchildren of / augeas/ load indicate which files to transform.
However Augeas is so powerful and useful, that Puppetlabs decided to develop the Augeas resource type in order for puppet to natively support it. A configuration editing tool and API. Augeas is a library and command line tool that focuses on the most basic problem in handling Linux configurations programmatically: editing actual configuration files in a controlled manner. Augeas is a lovely tool that treats config files ( well, anything really, but it’ s mostly about config files) as trees of values.

Using Augeas on it' s own. The advantage of using Augeas over the default Puppet parsedfile implementations is that Augeas will go to great lengths to preserve file formatting and comments, while also failing safely when needed. Contribute to hercules- team/ augeas development by creating an account on GitHub. Domcleal: the / etc/ services performance ought to be a lot better in Augeas 1. Examples are given below for each of the providers and custom types in augeasproviders. The name Augeas is based on greek legend about Herakles who has to clean stables of the king Augeas from dung as one of his twelve laubours that he has to fulfill as a punishment for killing his wife and children ( for a justification he was driven mad by Hera).

Print the contents of a file as parsed by augeas. Resource Type: augeas Product Bolt Open Source Puppet Puppet Enterprise Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise Puppet Discovery Pipelines for Applications Pipelines for Containers PuppetDB Puppet Development Kit Puppet Plug- in for VMware vRealize Automation. Auger synonyms, auger pronunciation, auger translation, English dictionary definition of auger. , you don’ t need to know anything about Augeas to make use of it.

Augeas addresses these needs by providing path expressions, a notation for entries on the tree modeled closely on XPath; if you' re familiar with XPath, Augeas' path expressions will be a snap to learn. If editing a vfstab entry, slightly different options need to be passed compared to a fstab entry. He kept his huge herds of cattle in the Augean Stables. As his sixth labor, Hercules cleaned the stables in one day by diverting the course of a river ( possibly the Alpheus) through them. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. Heracles gave his kingdom to Phyleus, Augeas' son, who had been exiled for supporting Heracles against his father. Now I know this can be done with a simple exec of sed but if possible I would like to use it as a good test exercise with Augeas. Path Expressions by Example. The command- line utility augtool will be used to demonstrate things here, but it is not required to use Augeas within Puppet. ' s work on the AuGEAS system for ranking authoritativeness. I' m trying to create a simple class that adds a line to / etc/ hosts if it doesn' t already exist. Augeas uses programs called lenses ( in reference to the Harmony Project [ 3] ) to map a filesystem to an XML tree which can then be parsed using an XPath syntax, using a. Augeas manual. Electric Traction Distribution Manuals www.

1- 1 Priority optional Section misc Source augeas Origin Ubuntu Maintainer Ubuntu Developers ubuntu. I know this question has an answer, but it didn' t do what I needed and google kept bringing me back here, so I want to post what I did for the benefit of other googlers. It just didn’ t show anything.
Com Started in, Augeas has. 0 which contains some optimisations for iterating and calling aug_ get on every entry. AuGEAS ( AUthoritativeness Grading, Estimation, and Sorting). Any of various hand tools, typically having a threaded shank and cross handle, used for boring holes in wood or ice. However, the transaction eventually fails because you can' t have mismatching 32- and 64- bit instances of augeas- libs. I' m fairly new to Augeas, but I' ve been told it is the tool for modifying config with puppet.

A remote attacker could leverage this flaw by sending maliciously crafted strings, thus causing an augeas- enabled application to crash or potentially execute arbitrary code. Ini file had a mistake from a previous manual editing I’ ve done. Augeas reacted angrily because he had promised Heracles one tenth of his cattle if the job was finished in one day. You can use Bolt or Puppet Enterprise to automate tasks that you perform on your infrastructure on an as- needed basis, for example, when you troubleshoot a system, deploy an application, or stop and restart services.
So you have to be careful with this type of things. Augeas- devel Download for Linux ( rpm, i586, i686, x86_ 64) Download augeas- devel linux packages for CentOS, Fedora, Mageia, OpenMandriva, openSUSE, ROSA. You then modify the tree as you like, and write the file back.
It uses a syntax similar to XPath to address values stored in a file. In ACTM AC Traction Manual issued by IR on the field of Electric Traction is further detailed into various Volumes and Parts for covering the details of Installations and functionaries. The provider needs to be explicitly given as augeas to use augeasproviders. In this case augeas didn’ t show any errors. Best viewed in anything but Internet Explorer™ Seriously, please consider switching. Augeas uses programs called lenses ( in reference to the Harmony Project) to map a filesystem to an XML tree which can then be parsed using an XPath syntax, using a bidirectional transformation.
And this is what augeas does by convert existing files into an « abstraction », working on a virtual representation of the file made available as a tree and then writing changes back into the file. Manage simple fstab entry. As intensive Puppet users, updating only certain key/ values of system configuration files is extremely practical. The lens grandchild of / augeas/ load specifies which lens to use, and can either be the fully qualified name of a lens Module. He refused to honor the agreement, and Heracles killed him after completing the tasks.

Options: - l, - - lens LENS use LENS to transform the file- m, - - match EXPR start printing where nodes match EXPR. Since the old augeas can' t be installed without the same version- release of augeas- libs, Yum tries including the 32- bit package into the transaction, hoping it will satisfy the dependencies. This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base.

To begin with, you first need to install augeas: yum install augeas The main Augeas standalone tool is a commandline shell, called " augtool" :. Requires manual judgment of usefulness of outcomes and. Modules now contain Bolt Tasks that take action outside of a desired state managed by Puppet. Augean stables* in Greek mythology [ 1], vast stables ( belonging to King Augeas) which had never been cleaned; this was achieved ( as the sixth of his Labours) by Hercules [ 2], who cleaned them in a day by diverting the River Alpheus to flow through them. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Augeas manual. Augeas itself is included in the puppet- agent package, so you don’ t need to install any extra packages to use it. These providers will hide all of the Augeas commands etc. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

If not, you can rely on the many XPath tutorials on the web in addition to this page. You could grow a configuration management GUI tool on top of it if you let the user edit the values, record his actions and spit out Augeas or Tcl + tcl- augeas scripts. Han Han of Red Hat discovered that augeas, a configuration editing tool, improperly handled some escaped strings. I was able to modify key/ values.